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It’s Powerful Stuff

You can create, distribute and manage closed loop loyalty, stored value, coalition and two-tier programs for your clients. You choose the branding with your own domain, logo, language, currency, and support information.

It’s Your Price

You charge your clients for the use of the service under your name brand, at your prices and for the marketing services and collateral you may offer. Everything is controlled and managed by you.

It’s Multilingual

Used globally, StickyStreet is in multiple languages including English, Danish, French, German, Georgian, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish & more. It can be in your language too, just let us know.

It’s All Included

Everything you need for your clients to be able to access your custom loyalty offering is provided in the cloud. Offer our platform under your own white label, and we do the rest – get started in minutes.

Introducing Sticky2Go

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